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For those clients that must keep the CE approval of PPE helmets we finally have the solution:

Scurion® Blade mount System (SBS) for helmets

speleo_lamphead  speleo_batterycase

If your helmet has a holder for "blade mount" lamps, you can use our SBS to just clips any of our lamps without compromizing the integrity of the helmet itself.

dive_bc  dive_batterycase

And more: for diving it's now possible to swap the lamp from the helmet to a goodman handle and back within seconds - without any tools !


The result is a CE conform light solution that is not only powerful but also robust and versatile!

dive_front  speleo_side

Compatible also with the Scurion® Basic lamp system!

Tripod mount


This tripod mount lets you mount any of our lamp heads on a tripod.

The thread is 1/4"-20 UNC.

Battery case (Basic)


This battery case is designed to be mounted on the back of the helmet. It is made from a tough, reinforced engineering plastic and will hold our Scurion® battery modules.

Warning: This case is waterproof according to IP67 (1 m), but not designed for diving - please use the dive version for this!

Sledge mount



Straightforward sledge mount that fit's on every Scurion® and every racing sledge handlebar.

Extension cable (4-pin)


This 110 cm extension cable is compatible with the 4-pin connector of all our Scurion® 'Basic' models.

Battery module system

Our battery module system is designed for the maximum convenience. A four cell Li-ion battery pack is housed in a robust plastic case. The contact to the battery case is made via two large, gold-plated multiple contacts. As for the internals, we are only using the maximum available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo (subsidiary of Panasonic) or Samsung. These cells are top notch in terms of quality and are good for years of reliable service. The cells are protected by a supervisor electronics PCB which is installed inside the battery module.

For charging the battery module, we provide a charger base which connects to the external charger via a DC plug.

In case you are using multiple lamps and want to charge several batteries at once, we provide a multi bay charger, individually charging six battery packs. For each bay, the charging is terminated once the battery is full, so packs can be left in the charger indefinitely.

Diving Battery Case

For diving, we designed this special battery case. It is rather robust, machined from a block of aluminium. We decided not to use a quick release closing mechanism, as this might open accidently when squeezing through narrow cracks, scratching at the rocks. The case is closed by two stainless steel screws which are tightened with an allen wrench (provided with the dive set).

The dive case is designed to hold our Scurion®-battery module. It is fixed to the helmed using two screws (also provided in the set), just like the original Scurion®-battery case.

For testing the case (and the lamp), we have our own custom-designed test fixture. It is a tank made to withstand pressures exceeding 25 bars (250 m dive depth), deeper if we stretch the design limits a bit (it sure looks massive enough!). With our own test setup, we don't have to rely on external labs for quality checks and make sure you have a 100% reliable product.

Cable and head strap overview

Our lamp heads for caving, outdoor, orienteering and biking are identical except for the battery cable. The caving version has a strong and robust cable without connector, which is directly mounted to the battery case. There is an option for a long cable, which enables you to wear the battery case somewhere at the body and not at the helmet.

The outdoor version (used for the outdoor, orienteering and bike sets) has a thinner, more flexible battery cable with a connector and a battery pouch. You can therefore easily separate the battery pouch from the lamp head. This setup is not robust enough for caving, but fine for all other activities. There is a long and a short battery cable available: These cables are on the battery side and are mounted at the battery pouch. The short cable is made for wearing a battery pack together with the head strap on your head or, in case of the bike version, mounting it somewhere at the bike frame. With the long cable you can wear the battery on your hip. You can mount both cables to the battery pouch; if you have two different cables, we recommend purchasing a second battery pouch so you don't have to exchange the cables frequently.

The outdoor and orienteering head straps and the bike mount are intended to be used with the outdoor version of the lamp head. You can, however, use the head straps and bike mount for the caving version as well, if you unscrew the battery cable from the battery box.

Orienteering headband

This headband is intended for orienteering or any other activity where the lamp needs to hold very tightly to your head. You can adjust the four straps so you get a firm yet comfortable fit. For orienteering, the lamp head is equipped with a robust, waterproof connector, so the battery pouch can be connected easily.

There are two possibilities for wearing the battery pouch: It can be mounted to the headband, sitting at the back of your head. Alternatively, the battery pouch can be fitted with a long cable so you can wear it with a belt around your waist. It depends on your personal preferences wether you prefer to have a more lightweight lamp on your head or to have a more compact one without cable or belt: Both is possible!

Outdoor headband

For wearing without a helmet, the caving version of the lamp head can be used with this headband. The cable going into the battery case (with helmet mount) can be inserted into the battery pouch, this way you can use your caving lamp for general outdoor activities as well.

If you want to carry the battery pack in a pocket or with a belt at your waist, the lamp head can be ordered with the orienteering cable setup - it gets a battery cable with a connector, so you can attach the battery pouch with the long cable.

Most helmets have clips for mounting a head band - so you can fit this headband on a helmet as well! Note that neither the battery pouch nor the orienteering cable with connector are suitable for caving and similar activities.

For larger, professional helmets like this firefighter helmet, we can provide a modified outdoor headband with longer elastic bands and cables. Mounting is possible with support clips without drilling holes into the helmet. Contact us for details!

Bike holder

For mounting on the handlebar, we offer this bike holder. You can fix it to a standard (25.4 mm) or oversize (31.6 mm) handlebar. Both the caving and the orienteering version of the lamp head can be used with this holder, so this is a possible upgrade option if you want to use your Scurion® on your bike as well! All parts are aluminium, CNC machined and anodized black.

The holder is adjustable in all directions, so regardless of mounting, the lamp can be adjusted to point in any direction. The lamp can be mounted above the handlebar: Stray light will illuminate your bike computer or GPS if necessary. Mounting below (saving space) or in front of the handlebar is also possible.

A slightly more compact holder for permanent fixation is available. If you want to remove the lamp regularly, also a dovetail holder is available. Installation and taking of of the lamp head is very easy and fast.

Add-on heatsink

In our lamps, we are using highest efficiency LEDs and a driver circuit we carefully optimized for lowest possible losses. Still, the high power output of our lamps heat up the case. For most activities like caving or running, this is not a problem, as even a little air movement is sufficient to cool the lamp head. In some circumstances however, there is not enough cooling, causing the lamp to run too hot. There is no damage from that, an internal temperature sensor prevents the lamp head from overheating. If you have an activity like cave photography in Indonesia, where it is warm and you have little or no movement, you can improve cooling using the add-on heatsink. This is a precision CNC machined part which fits on the back side of the caving head. You can order the lamp head with this option or do the upgrade yourself - if you have a newer lamp head with the four mounting threads.

Note that the heat sink is currently not compatible with the outdoor and orienteering head strap.

Battery case and pouch

Battery case for helmet mount

For caving, the lamp needs to be totally waterproof. We achieve this protection by a tough waterproof battery case, while the battery packs themselves are not waterproof. This keeps the battery packs simple: You'll probably use several battery packs and this way, we keep the cost of the battery packs low as you don't have to pay for waterproofing a number of times. The battery case is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium: It is lightweight, yet strong as steel. By protecting the batteries from mechanical damage, it ensures safe operation of the high capacity Lithium batteries.

The battery case lid has an o-ring seal, making it watertight.

Steel cable for battery box lid

In case you are afraid of losing the lid when changing batteries, you can attach it to the case using this steel cable loop. It is manufactured from high flex stainless steel wire; don't use it for abseiling (although it looks strong enough). The cable can be mounted very easily and is inclusive in each lamp set where the battery case is a part of.

Battery pouch

This battery pouch is made from a thick, waterproof canvas, protecting the batteries against spray water. It is not suitable for caving - the tough caving environment makes the aluminium battery box necessary. The cable of the caving lamp head can be fitted directly into it. For orienteering, a different lamp head with connector is used. Two different battery cables are available: A short one for wearing the battery pouch on the head and a longer one for putting it into a pocket or wearing at a belt. See the orienteering pictures above.

The pouch is available in different colors!

Batteries and Charger


The impressive runtimes of our lamps would not be possible whithout a powerful battery system. We chose Lithium ion batteries, as they pack the most energy into a small form factor and because they are quite lightweight. See our FAQ about using AA cells. We only use best quality, highest available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo or Samsung. This ensures a long battery life and the maximum of energy available for your lamp. All battery packs contain a protection circuitry that ensures save operation.

4 cell battery

This four cell pack has a capacity of about 49 Wh at a weight of 190 g. It is the standard battery that is used for all our lamps.

2 cell battery

Half the weight, half the capacity of the four cell pack. This makes sense for short trips if you don't need the full capacity of the four cell pack and if you want to reduce the weight. Because the cells are high capacity and not high current types, this small pack cannot support the Scurion® 1500 model at full power.

8 cell battery

8 cell battery

This eight cell pack slightly more than doubles the runtime compared to the four cell pack. It weighs 390g, providing a 10.2 Ah capacity. It can only be used for the outdoor version, it does not fit the caving battery case! It fits in a special large size battery pouch.

Use this pack if changing the battery is very unconvenient or you need to run the lamp head at full power for a long time.


9V Backup Adapter

Scurion® is designed for Lithium ion battery operation, but, using only the low brightness setting, does run on a 9V alkaline battery as well. This is very useful as alkaline batteries can be stored for a very long time (e.g.: Energizer specifies 5 years at 21°C for 80 percent remaining capacity). You can keep a 9V adapter plus a 9V battery with your gear or in a bivouac for years in case you suddenly run out of batteries. In an emergency, a 9V battery won't give you the same amount of light than our regular Li-ion block, but it is far better than nothing. You can expect the following runtimes using the 700 model:

  • max. Power 4: not available (internal resistance of the 9V battery is too high)
  • Setting 3: 1.5h, then 3h on Setting 2, then 6h on 1 (switching down automatically)
  • Setting 2: 8h, then 6h on 1
  • Setting 1: 24h

These are approximate values only. Effective lamp runtime depends on battery quality, and temperature. Don't be fooled by the low settings. Even the Scurion® 700 on its lowest setting outperforms many cheap supermarket lamps on full power. Setting 1 is plenty of light to get you out of any place.

As the Scurion® electronics will be damaged by reverse polarity, our 9V adapter contains a reverse polarity protection.


Battery charger


  • Industry quality charger, manufactured in Europe
  • max. 5h charging time (FAQ: what about fast charging?)
  • fully automatic operation
  • sophisticated charge algorithm for maximum battery lifetime
  • wide input voltage range, all kinds of socket adapters available