Instead of 'nominal', 'calculated' or 'fantasy' values we can declare hard values measured by an independent, specialized laboratory. These values represent measured ANSI-Lumen according to the ANSI FL1 standard.


The original Scurion® was designed as a "lamp for wet caves" and reaches easily the IP 68 standard. I.e. it can be exposed to splash-water or even be immersed completely in water without problems. The head of the lamp was successfully tested by us down to a diving depth of 50m. The battery case, not at all conceived for diving, resisted close to scarcely 20m into our test. The maximum tightness is achieved by careful maintenance (cleaning) of all seals and the use of very viscous seal grease from a dive shop, e.g. Baysilone®.

Warning: Only individually tested Diving-Scurion®-lamps are intended to be used as "diving lamps" – please note that we cannot take any product warranty when you use other or untested models for this purpose!

When you use the lamp until the battery is totally empty, the protection circuit of the battery will switch off. This is no problem for the battery - but if you use your own charger, it might not detect the battery as its voltage is too low. Some chargers have a possibility to "jump-start" charging in this case, check the manual!

Our Mascot charger works fine in this case if you connect the battery before plugging in the charger!