In our lamps, we are using highest efficiency LEDs and a driver circuit we carefully optimized for lowest possible losses. Still, the high power output of our lamps heat up the case. For most activities like caving or running, this is not a problem, as even a little air movement is sufficient to cool the lamp head. In some circumstances however, there is not enough cooling, causing the lamp to run too hot. There is no damage from that, an internal temperature sensor prevents the lamp head from overheating. If you have an activity like cave photography in Indonesia, where it is warm and you have little or no movement, you can improve cooling using the add-on heatsink. This is a precision CNC machined part which fits on the back side of the caving head. You can order the lamp head with this option or do the upgrade yourself - if you have a newer lamp head with the four mounting threads.

Note that the heat sink is currently not compatible with the outdoor and orienteering head strap.


This battery case is designed to be mounted on the back of the helmet. It is made from a tough, reinforced engineering plastic and will hold our Scurion® battery modules.

Warning: This case is waterproof according to IP67 (1 m), but not designed for diving - please use the dive version for this!

For those clients that must keep the CE approval of PPE helmets we have the solution:

Scurion® Blade mount System 2nd. generation (SBS-2) for Petzl®-helmets (2019+ version)

Also available is the SBS 1st. generation for the old version of the Vertex® helmets (prior 2019) - see below


If your helmet has a holder for "blade mount" lamps, you can use our SBS to just clips any of our lamps without compromizing the integrity of the helmet itself.

And more: for diving it's now possible to swap the lamp from the helmet to a goodman handle (see: Toddy-Style explorer goodman) and back within seconds - without any tools !



The result is a CE conform light solution that is not only powerful but also robust and versatile!

dive_front  speleo_side

Compatible also with the Scurion® Basic lamp system!


Scurion® Blade mount System 1st. generation (SBS-1) for Petzl®-helmets (prior 2019)




This 110 cm extension cable is compatible with the 4-pin connector of all our Scurion® 'Basic' models.