This is a simple and adjustable goodman handle working as well for left- and right-hander.


In this configuration the Scurion® dive light works like a conventional tank light, i.e. with the long cable option (1.2 m or custom length). The tank can be stowed in pouch that we designed for this purpose. Pouch fits on common diving belts (5 cm width).


Behind this simplicity is some high-tech hidden - the handle is one of our 3D-printing parts.

Together with the lamp head only slight uplift.

…"spot and flood – mixed in any combination you desire!"

You will like this versatility of the Scurion® light especially in combination with modern action cameras or for macro photography.

If you don't need a tight spot you can get a nice even light pattern and can use the full power of the lamp for filming with our photo-optics.


And if you want the best colour rendering technically possible you can opt for our high-CRI. Our warm white lamps have a CRI>95 – only just a little bit less power but much nicer pictures!

highCRIlight (c) J. Brönnimann

As you see below the Scurion® light can easily be integrated in commercially available frame systems.


This Toddy-Style® handle was developed especially for the Scurion® dive light (*). It allows wearing everything on the back of one's hand in a comfortable way as a small, compact dive light.

On this perfect sidemount-light no separate tank and no cable disturbs you! The choice is yours for the handle, either metal or bungee - bungee has the advantage that the light cannot slip from your hand.


In this lean and robust solution lamp head and battery case are screwed to the handle. The battery case lid remains easily accessible.

Can be easily attached with a carabiner. When you are in horizontal diving position and clip the lamp to your harness or d-ring you get a perfect working light. The beam will spot down- and forward and lights your hands for instance when setting spools, cookies etc.

Wight: handle itself = 180 g / complete with lamp = 860 g (slight deviation)


(*) Design & made by Oliver Steinle -

Since the very beginning of building Scurion® caving lights the cave divers asked for a diving version. They wanted a light that can be used before, in and also behind the sumps so that they no longer would lose time because of changing lights...

From this point we designed Scurion® dive light solution that can be mounted completely on the helmet.


Picture: in this configuration the light is fixed to a modern professional helmet by using our blade-mount bracket and two simple cable straps. No modification on the original helmet is necessary!

A diving battery-case that should resist diving depths down to 100m cannot be made feather light. If weight on the head is an important issue for you (for instance if you are most of the time outside the water) you can use the light as a conventional tank light with the long cable option.

In this option we use 1.2m as standard length - but it can easily made-up to your wishes.