Our lamps are optimized for efficiency. LEDs, converter electronics, batteries, optical and thermal concept, even the cabling is fine-tuned to get the maximum amount of light from one battery charge. When not running on full power all the time, one 4-cell battery pack can last for days.

Boost mode? For a few minutes? - Not with a Scurion®! Our lamps have a very effective heatsink and temparature control - Just use them on full power when you want and as long as you want!

Direct comparison of all lamp models:


900: Tabelle900
700: Tabelle700


4-5 four cell batteries are enough for a comfortable and safe week underground! In terms of light...


How to read these tables:

  • Assuming you have in a 700-lamp the spot on setting 4 and wide angle is off, you get 15.1h. Using wide angle on setting 3 and spot on 2 (useful combination), the lamp will work for 29h.
  • These are values measured (in white) and calculated (in blue) from a 6.8 Ah battery.