High power, robust build quality and unique, programmable light distribution make Scurion® ideal for biking at night. It doesn't matter if you are doing 24h races or single tracks at night - we light up the path for you.

An important feature is the light distribution: Most lamps only light up an area ahead of you. That's fine if the track goes straight ahead. If there is a junction or a narrow curve in an unclear surrounding, there's not enough light nearby. Scurion® lamps have both a powerful spot and a wide angle light. The wide angle light illuminates the nearby area very well, almost independent where you point with the handlebar. Both the spot and the wide angle light are programmable, you can optimize the light combination to fit your trip. Mountainbiking at night or driving on a road are completely different things - set up your Scurion® accordingly!

The Lamp

Four different lamp heads re available. For biking, we recommend our most powerful model, the Scurion® 1500. On its full power setting, 1'300 ANSI-lm (more than a car headlight) the runtime is a bit more than two hours. On lower settings, battery runtime is much longer - please see the runtime tables.

Bike holder

The bike holder is a very robust CNC machined aluminium part is attached to the lamp head. It fits both oversize (31.6 mm) and regular 25.4 mm handlebars, using two screws the lamp head can be tilted in all directions, independent of the mounting position. The lamp can be mounted above, in front of or below (if there's place between all cables) the handlebar. The asymmetric mount allows the lamp head to be placed over the stem, stray light from the lamp can illuminate your bike computer.

The "dovetail" joint is CNC machined from aircraft grade (7075) aluminium, which has the strength of steel at 1/3 of its weight.


We use high quality Li-ion batteries to give you maximum energy content at lowest weight. The four cell battery is the optimal choice for the high power lamp heads. A battery charger is supplied with each lamp set. The battery pouch, which is mounted to the frame using velcro straps, is quite lightweight and protects the battery from spray water. The battery cable has a waterproof connector, which allows quick removal of the lamp head.

If you want to use your caving lamp head on your bike, you can use the lamp with its regular (caving) cable and insert it into the battery pouch.