Scurion® in the largest chamber of the world!

Robbie Shone and his team successfully illuminated the Sarawak Chamber with five Scurion®-1300 lamps during the 2011 expedition.

"There were no other light sources used" - only Scurion®-light!


The photograph is made up of five vertical images each using five Scurion® lights exposed for 30 seconds to paint in the walls around.

On the 2010 Expedition the goal was not achieved because of the high ambient temperature in the cave - thereafter we designed especially for such tropical conditions our heatsink that can be mounted on any Scurion®. Equipped with this additional heatsink there was no temperature problem anymore on the 2011 Expedition!


See the 'Chamber Trailer' by Gavin Newman

Visit Robbie's fantastic website:

and the website of the Mulucaves Project with more information about the Sarawak Chamber