The impressive runtimes of our lamps would not be possible whithout a powerful battery system. We chose Lithium ion batteries, as they pack the most energy into a small form factor and because they are quite lightweight. See our FAQ about using AA cells. We only use best quality, highest available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo or Samsung. This ensures a long battery life and the maximum of energy available for your lamp. All battery packs contain a protection circuitry that ensures save operation.

4 cell battery

This four cell pack has a capacity of about 49 Wh at a weight of 190 g. It is the standard battery that is used for all our lamps.

2 cell battery

Half the weight, half the capacity of the four cell pack. This makes sense for short trips if you don't need the full capacity of the four cell pack and if you want to reduce the weight. Because the cells are high capacity and not high current types, this small pack cannot support the Scurion® 1500 model at full power.

8 cell battery

8 cell battery

This eight cell pack slightly more than doubles the runtime compared to the four cell pack. It weighs 390g, providing a 10.2 Ah capacity. It can only be used for the outdoor version, it does not fit the caving battery case! It fits in a special large size battery pouch.

Use this pack if changing the battery is very unconvenient or you need to run the lamp head at full power for a long time.


9V Backup Adapter

Scurion® is designed for Lithium ion battery operation, but, using only the low brightness setting, does run on a 9V alkaline battery as well. This is very useful as alkaline batteries can be stored for a very long time (e.g.: Energizer specifies 5 years at 21°C for 80 percent remaining capacity). You can keep a 9V adapter plus a 9V battery with your gear or in a bivouac for years in case you suddenly run out of batteries. In an emergency, a 9V battery won't give you the same amount of light than our regular Li-ion block, but it is far better than nothing. You can expect the following runtimes using the 700 model:

  • max. Power 4: not available (internal resistance of the 9V battery is too high)
  • Setting 3: 1.5h, then 3h on Setting 2, then 6h on 1 (switching down automatically)
  • Setting 2: 8h, then 6h on 1
  • Setting 1: 24h

These are approximate values only. Effective lamp runtime depends on battery quality, and temperature. Don't be fooled by the low settings. Even the Scurion® 700 on its lowest setting outperforms many cheap supermarket lamps on full power. Setting 1 is plenty of light to get you out of any place.

As the Scurion® electronics will be damaged by reverse polarity, our 9V adapter contains a reverse polarity protection.


Battery charger


  • Industry quality charger, manufactured in Europe
  • max. 5h charging time (FAQ: what about fast charging?)
  • fully automatic operation
  • sophisticated charge algorithm for maximum battery lifetime
  • wide input voltage range, all kinds of socket adapters available