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For wearing without a helmet, the caving version of the lamp head can be used with this headband. The cable going into the battery case [with helmet mount] can be inserted into the battery pouch, this way you can use your caving lamp for general outdoor activities as well.


If you want to carry the battery pack in a pocket or with a belt at your waist, the lamp head can be ordered with the orienteering cable setup - it gets a battery cable with a connector, so you can attach the battery pouch with the long cable.

Most helmets have clips for mounting a head band - so you can fit this headband on a helmet as well! Note that neither the battery pouch nor the orienteering cable with connector are suitable for caving and similar activities.


For larger, professional helmets like this firefighter helmet, we can provide a modified outdoor headband with longer elastic bands and cables. Mounting is possible with support clips without drilling holes into the helmet. Contact us for details!