For mounting on the handlebar, we offer this bike holder. You can fix it to a standard (25.4 mm) or oversize (31.6 mm) handlebar. Both the caving and the orienteering version of the lamp head can be used with this holder, so this is a possible upgrade option if you want to use your Scurion® on your bike as well! All parts are aluminium, CNC machined and anodized black.

The holder is adjustable in all directions, so regardless of mounting, the lamp can be adjusted to point in any direction. The lamp can be mounted above the handlebar: Stray light will illuminate your bike computer or GPS if necessary. Mounting below (saving space) or in front of the handlebar is also possible.

A slightly more compact holder for permanent fixation is available. If you want to remove the lamp regularly, also a dovetail holder is available. Installation and taking of of the lamp head is very easy and fast.