For caving, the lamp needs to be totally waterproof. We achieve this protection by a tough waterproof battery case, while the battery packs themselves are not waterproof. This keeps the battery packs simple: You'll probably use several battery packs and this way, we keep the cost of the battery packs low as you don't have to pay for waterproofing a number of times. The battery case is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium: It is lightweight, yet strong as steel. By protecting the batteries from mechanical damage, it ensures safe operation of the high capacity Lithium batteries.

The battery case lid has an o-ring seal, making it watertight.

Steel cable for battery box lid

In case you are afraid of losing the lid when changing batteries, you can attach it to the case using this steel cable loop. It is manufactured from high flex stainless steel wire; don't use it for abseiling (although it looks strong enough). The cable can be mounted very easily and is inclusive in each lamp set where the battery case is a part of.

Battery pouch

This battery pouch is made from a thick, waterproof canvas, protecting the batteries against spray water. It is not suitable for caving - the tough caving environment makes the aluminium battery box necessary. The cable of the caving lamp head can be fitted directly into it. For orienteering, a different lamp head with connector is used. Two different battery cables are available: A short one for wearing the battery pouch on the head and a longer one for putting it into a pocket or wearing at a belt. See the orienteering pictures above.

The pouch is available in different colors!