This Toddy-Style® handle (*) was developed especially for the Scurion® dive light. It allows wearing everything on the back of one's hand in a comfortable way and you can still switch quickly to the helmet too!


No tank and no disturbing cable! Bungees hold the lamp steady so that you can always use your hand.

The whole unit can be transferred on your helmet quickly with the blade-mount system - no tools necessary for this!


As a consequence the lamp can be used in dry passages as well as for diving sumps. An ingenious all-round tool for cave-explorer!

Can be easily attached with a carabiner. When you are in horizontal diving position and clip the lamp to your harness or d-ring you get a perfect working light. The beam will spot down- and forward and lights your hands for instance when setting spools, cookies etc.

Wight: handle itself = 160 g / complete with lamp = 840 g (slight deviation)


warning: you might forget that you carry a lamp on your hand... cool

(*) Design & made by Oliver Steinle -