Updated in January 2020:

Rules for transportation of such batteries in airplanes are made by the IATA and the carriers normally follow them. At the moment you are limited to take with you 20 Scurion®-spare-batteries in your personal carry-on baggage. But the airport security must be able to read the labels on the batteries in order to control the battery capacity in Wh! If the label is worn out and not readable they will probably confiscate the battery and dispose it off. You should check that before you fly and may contact us in case you’d need a new label.

Under www.iata.org/dangerousgoods you may always find the up to date information. We recommend printing this leaflet and keep a copy on your journey…just for the case that the security employees do not know the rules by heart.

Warning: In the past (January 2017) we had the information that security at Dubai airport is not respecting the IATA recommendations and the seem to confiscate everything -> we think that this is purely arbitrary and can only give you the advice to talk to your carrier as early as possible or just avoid Dubai! IATA is also giving the advice to contact your carrying airline in advance of travel as they may impose additional restricitons.