Our aim is to provide high quality, powerful and robust lamps with lots of innovative functions. The Scurion® lamp family consists of four models, which have different power levels, but have all of our advanced features in common.

Latest models !

We have revised our model lineup! The new models use the latest high power LEDs from Cree, delivering world record efficiencies:

  • All our models are now available also in "warm white"! - with high CRI, >90
    - "hybrid" is possible as well as retrofitting warm to your existing light!
  • All non diving models can be ordered with traditional grey (speleo) cable or with the black 4-pin cable (basic) with connector (see below...)


Here's the overview:

Brightness [in ANSI-Lumen] Spot Room light Total
Scurion® 1500 650 650 1'300
Scurion® 1500, alias "1200" (warm white) 420 420 840
Scurion® 900 250 550 800
Scurion® 900 (warm white) NEW 160 420 580
Scurion® 700 250 250 500
Scurion® 700 (warm white) NEW 160 160 320

Important: As the technology constantly evolves the model names can differ from the actual performances in Lumen - we try to be as consistent as possible but will change the model names only if there is a major change in power!

Find here a comparison of all current and older models.


Lamp concept

Optimal light distribution

Most lamps emit just a more or less narrow beam of light. This is nice in horror movies, where a wandering circle of light in the dark cellar keeps the suspense. For most real world tasks, like walking in a cave or running in a forest, a much wider beam, filling your entire field of view, is better. On the other hand, for viewing distant objects, you need an intense, narrow beam.


For that reason, Scurion® lamps have two lights: A wide angle room light, evenly filling your entire field of view and a narrow, focused spot. Both can be set to four different levels and combined according to your needs. To fit your specific requirements, up to 10 different settings can be saved as presets.

High Quality

Quality is very important for us. Most "consumer" products are optimized for low cost, made so they just work - because most people don't care. We do care: We use highest performance LEDs, the best batteries available, a very high efficiency custom electronics in a rugged metal case. For you, this means a bright light with very long run times, reliable even under harsh conditions.

Lamp features

  • Top quality, highest efficiency LEDs
  • regulated brightness - constant light output independent on battery state
  • high performance Li-ion batteries
  • CNC machined aluminium case
  • bar graph display for battery charge
  • completely nonmagnetic - ideal for surveying
  • designed and built in Switzerland!

Find out more about details on the Technology page.

Which cable system is best for me?

  'basic' System 'speleo' system
  • cable with connector = modular system, lamp can
    be used for more than one application
  • more favourable price
  • extremely robust alu-battery case
  • heavy-duty grey cable without connector that can fail
  • rated IP68 -20m (although not made for diving)
  • practice-approved since 2007
  • battery case not as robust as the alu version
  • rated 'only' IP67 -1m
  • milled battery case is expensive
  • system not so flexile to use for other sports
  ...in short: outdoor sports / 'dry' caving ...in short: most robust - 'wet' caving




Because life should be colourful our lamps and battery cases are available in different colours. The colour has nothing to do with the lamp type and basically all models are available in every colour! So if you want anything else but 'bright black' please ask when ordering! We have a standard set of colours and some more exotic ones - you can even get your individual colour and laser engraving ;-)