Our battery module system is designed for the maximum convenience. A four cell Li-ion battery pack is housed in a robust plastic case. The contact to the battery case is made via two large, gold-plated multiple contacts. As for the internals, we are only using the maximum available capacity cells from top brands like Panasonic, Sanyo (subsidiary of Panasonic) or LG. These cells are top notch in terms of quality and are good for years of reliable service. The cells are protected by a supervisor electronics PCB which is installed inside the battery module.

For charging the battery module, we provide a charger base which connects to the external charger via a DC plug.

In case you are using multiple lamps and want to charge several batteries at once, we provide a multi bay charger, individually charging six battery packs. For each bay, the charging is terminated once the battery is full, so packs can be left in the charger indefinitely.