The Scurion® 1500  - the brightest lamp in our lineup! - new: 1'300 ANSI-Lumen

LED technology has made enormous progress since 2007 and we always used the best available LED's for our lamp models and of course the strongest ones for our flagship - the 1500 model. Unlike others we give you the real light output in measured ANSI-Lumen as well as measured runtimes!

The close-up shows a typical example of such a high-power single-chip LED. We drive our LEDs with a current that is optimal in terms of efficiency - this is resulting in a long lamp runtime. This way only the very minimum of energy will be wasted in terms of thermal discharge.

At a glance

  • Spot and wide angle LEDs with approx. 750 ANSI-lm each (see info on lumen and how many watts...)
  • Wide angle LED is tilted for optimal working illumination distribution
  • Programmable light settings!
  • Battery indicator and Li-Ion power management
  • Constant current control - constant brightness independent of battery state
  • Nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing compass measurements
  • Designed and made in Switzerland!

Find out more about details on the Technology page.

Available Options

Battery Run time

Please find runtimes for all models here...

Scurion® 1500 on lower power

When you need longer run times from your lamp (eg. for an expedition or very long trip), should you use the Scurion® 1500 or the Scurion® 700/900 for longer run time? Answer: You can program your Scurion® 1500 to use lower power settings for this application. Just set the max. level you use to 3 and you have three to four times the run time. For example, wide angle on 3 and spot on 2 is a very comfortable all-round setting with a run time of 11 hours. And of course you still have the possibility to power up briefly, should it be needed. Technically speaking, the efficiency of the white LEDs is increasing when you decrease the power. The same goes for the electronics. So the Scurion® 1500 gets even more efficient when you reduce the power setting, making it optimal also for long expeditions. The tricky question then for you is just: "Can I resist using the full power?"

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