The Scurion® 900 model has the same spot as the Scurion® 700 model, but the wide angle LED is similar to that of the 1500 model. So if wide-angle light is very important for your activitiy and if you are looking for excellent value for money the 900 will be your best choice!

The close-up shows a typical example of such a high-power single-chip LED. We drive our LEDs with a current that is optimal in terms of efficiency - this is resulting in a long lamp runtime. This way only the very minimum of energy will be wasted in terms of thermal discharge.

See our lamp lineup in this comparison, including previous models.

At a glance

  • 250 lm spot, 550 lm wide angle LEDs - 800 ANSI-lm total (see info on lumen and how many watts...)
  • Programmable light settings
  • Battery indicator and Li-Ion power management
  • Constant current control - constant brightness independent of battery state
  • Nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing compass measurements
  • Designed and made in Switzerland!

Find out more about details on the Technology page.

Available Options

Battery Run time

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