This Scurion® is the "warm white" twin of our top model Scurion® 1500.



We have warm-white high LED's available all with CRI >90 for all our lamp models.
So you can order new or upgrade any model in warm-white...or even mixed (hybrid-option) !!


More and more clients are interested in warm white LEDs. Although the eye adapts quite well to any light color, the warm light just feels more cozy than the cold-white light of our other Scurion® models. We can offer warm white (3000K) as an alternative to standard (5600K) LEDs also in the dive versions.

Conversion efficiency of the warm white LEDs is not as high as for the standard white ones, you get around 840 ANSI-lm for the warm white color. So it really depends on your personal preferences!

The close-up shows a typical example of such a high-power single-chip LED. We drive our LEDs with a current that is optimal in terms of efficiency - this is resulting in a long lamp runtime. This way only the very minimum of energy will be wasted in terms of thermal discharge.

See our lamp lineup in this comparison, including previous models.

At a glance

  • Spot and wide angle LEDs with approx. 420 ANSI-lm each (see info on lumen and how many watts...)
  • Wide angle LED is tilted for optimal working illumination distribution
  • Programmable light settings!
  • Battery indicator and Li-Ion power management
  • Constant current control - constant brightness independent of battery state
  • Nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing compass measurements
  • Designed and made in Switzerland!

Find out more about details on the Technology page.

Available Options

Battery Run time

Please find runtimes for all models here...

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