High quality is very important to us. Some elements like the CNC machined lamp case are easily recognizable, others are not. See what's inside our lamps:


A high power wide angle LED gives a uniform room light, evenly filling your field of view completely.

A large, high performance spot optics collimates the beam, yielding a very narrow spotlight.

Microprocessor control:

  • Li-ion battery supervision
  • overtemperature protection
  • transport lock
  • flexible programmable brightness settings
  • keeps all settings without battery
  • settings can be locked (disables programming)

High efficiency control:

  • Current regulated - constant brightness throughout the whole runtime
  • Very high efficiency - up to 95 percent
  • Almost no standby current: leave battery connected

LED bar displays battery charge, programming status and other information.

Large cooling fins enables efficient operation at high power. See FAQ...

No rim restricting the light output: Glass extends to the full size of the lamp, prevents "tunnel" effect, gives maximum light angle from wide angle LED. Don't worry about scratching the edge: The glass is extremely durable and has a scratch resistant coating.