You want to enjoy your cave, to be free to push your exploration further
to the unexplored – there is neither time nor energy to waste with a lamp
that does not work or give you insufficient light!

Scurion® lamps were developed by cavers and are now being used
by cavers around the globe for several years.

What makes a Scurion® lamp different

  • Power – as we strive to provide you the latest LED technology (read more >>)
  • Flexible light distribution that you can individually choose (read more >>)
  • Maximum run time because every component is optimized for efficiency (read more >>)
  • Robustness – this is your most important piece of equipment made with
    Swiss precision in Switzerland (read more >>)

Lamps and batteries

Four different lamp heads are available, differing in light output and efficiency. Please find the detailed description and information about the light output of each model in the lamps section.

What is the right model for you depends on what you want to do:

  • 1500 - pure white, top model with narrow spot and huge light output, for huge cave rooms and passages, for filming, …
  • 1200 – a little bit less light but in cosy warm tint,
  • 900 – if your caves are big and you want more room light than with the 700,
    for instance to photograph.
  • 700 – was our first model, powerful and still a good choice.

Caving set

You get the following items in the package:

Accessories and Options

In addition to extra batteries, a number of accessories and options for cavers, scientists, and mine explorers are available:

...and of course also some accessories that may be interesting for you if you want to use your Scurion® not solely for caving: