This light will give you a new dive experience!


The Scurion® diving version is rated for dive depths of -150 m and it has been tested by experienced divers all over the world!

Each system is individually tested to 20 bar before it leaves our workshop. The lamp is heat/cold and shock resistant and we give our respective warranty.

now available in new colours !!

What makes a Scurion® dive lamp different

  • Flexible, individually programmable light distribution (read more >>)
  • Brightness: We provide the most up-to-date LED technology (read more >>)
  • Maximum run time, as every component from LED to cable is tuned for maximum efficiency (read more >>)
  • Reliability: Designed, assembled and tested in Switzerland (read more >>)
  • ..above all - comfort: no overheating, no cable where it shouldn't be, no loss of time!

Failure safety? - Yes this lamp uses electronics - designed and made in Switzerland. That's exactly the point where you will experience and love the Swiss quality! Experience since 2007..

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  • Light output up to 1300 measured ANSI-Lumen
  • Battery capacity: 4-cell li-ion module, 7.2 V, 6.8 Ah, 49 Wh
  • Depth rating: -150m
  • Wight: lamp head =166 g, battery case = 290 g, battery module = 205 g
  • Material: Aluminium, black anodized
  • Color temperature: 'neutral' white 6000K or
  • Color temperature: 'warm' white 3000K
  • Room light + tight spot (half angle 6.5°) or
  • Room light + wide spot (half angle 13°) as a film light

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The battery case holds the connector less Scurion® battery module, which facilitates battery handling.


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