You want to go out on the longest races under hardest conditions - and enjoy it - then this is your tool:

The most powerful headlamp coming from Switzerland, the Scurion® 1500. On its full power setting it's like a car headlight (1'300 ANSI-Lumen) and the runtime is enough for a any competition!

...and what's fine for competition is fine for any outdoor activity too - just now with a little bit more light than you have been used to!

What makes a Scurion® lamp different

  • Power – as we strive to provide you the latest LED technology (read more >>)
  • Flexible light distribution individually chooseable (read more >>)
  • Comfort – ergonomical system and batteries that provide all the capacity you need (see below)
  • Maximum run time because all components are optimized for efficiency (read more >>)
  • Robustness – Swiss Quality (read more >>)



Head strap & cable system

The Scurion® head strap is simple and adjusts ergonomically to your head.

The cable system is modular in a way that you can wear either bigger batteries in your jacket or smaller batteries directly on the head strap. No need to freeze at -30° while changing batteries!

Batteries and charger

We use high quality Li-ion batteries to give you maximum energy content at lowest weight. Three sizes are availble: The four cell battery is our standard choice but you can have the double (i.e. Musher requested this for the long races!). For training runs or as a backup, where you set the lamp to a lower setting, you can use the two cell battery with the battery pouch mounted on the back of the head strap.

A reliable battery charger (Made in Norway!)  is inclusive with each lamp set.


Outdoor set

The following items are provided in our outdoor set:


Can be ordered also with the battery "packs".

Musher set

You can choose any 'outdoor'-set and add from these optional items:

Instead of the modules this bigger pack may be of interest:


Acessories and Options

...and maybe you want to fix your Scurion® on your bike: