If you want to gain the top this is your tool: the most powerful headlamp coming from Switzerland, the Scurion® 1500. On its full power setting it's more than a car headlight (1'300 ANSI-Lumen) and the runtime is a bit more than two hours - enough for a competition! As a valid alternative you can also go for the Scurion® 700 that is with it's 500 ANSI-Lumen still more powerful than many other lamps on the market.

Both models use a frosted lens spot-optics that provides you exactly the light you want to have!

What makes a Scurion® lamp different

  • Power – from the latest LED technology (read more >>)
  • Flexible light distribution individually chooseable (read more >>)
  • Comfort – ergonomical headstrap and incredibly light and small batteries (see below)
  • Maximum run time because all components are optimized for efficiency (read more >>)
  • Robustness – Swiss made (read more >>)

Head strap

The Scurion® head strap gives a firm hold when running, with its four adjustable straps, it can be fitted ergonomically to your head.

Orienteering sets

Based on our experience in the Swiss orienteering scene we created two sets for you:

Orienteering 1500 set:

Orienteering 700 'basic' set:

Acessories and Options

...and maybe you want to use your Scurion® also on the bike: